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When Life Gives You Lemons: Using Cross-Sectional Surveys to Identify Chronic Poverty in the Absence of Panel Data (with K. Bolch & L.F. Lopez-Calva), 2022. Review of Income and Wealth, DOI: 10.1111/roiw.12566

Measuring Global Poverty Before and During the Pandemic: A Political Economy of Overoptimism (with A. Sumner and C. Hoy), 2022. Third World Quarterly, 43(1): 1-17

Within-Country Poverty Convergence: Evidence from Mexico (with L.F. Lopez-Calva & C. Rodriguez- Castelan), 2022. Empirical Economics, 62: 2547–2586

Temporary Basic Income in Times of Pandemic: Rationale, Costs and Poverty-Mitigation Potential (with G. Gray Molina and M. Montoya-Aguirre), 2022. Basic Income Studies, 17(2): 125-154.

Living on the Edge: Vulnerability to Poverty and Public Transfers in Mexico (with A. de la Fuente & C. Rodriguez-Castelan), 2018. Oxford Development Studies, 46(1): 10-27

A Long-Term Perspective on Inequality and Human Development in Latin America (with L.F. López- Calva & N. Lustig), 2015. Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, 16(3): 319-323

A Vulnerability Approach to the Definition of the Middle Class (with L.F. Lopez- Calva), 2014. Journal of Economic Inequality, 12(1): 23-47

Declining Inequality in Latin America in the 2000s: The Cases of Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico (with N. Lustig & L.F. Lopez- Calva), 2013. World Development, 44: 129-141

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