Other publications

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Working papers

Mitigating Poverty: Global Estimates of the Impact of Income Support during the Pandemic (with J. Fajardo-Gonzalez, G. Gray Molina & M. Montoya-Aguirre), 2021. UNDP Development Future Series Working Papers.

Temporary Basic Income: Protecting Poor and Vulnerable People in Developing Countries (with G. Gray Molina), 2020. UNDP Transitions Series Working Papers.

Corruption in Infrastructure and Social Assistance Funds: Effects on Municipal Poverty (with M. Montoya-Aguirre & L.G. Woo-Mora), 2020. Centre for Public Finance Studies (CEFP), Chamber of Deputies, Mexico.

The Decline in Inequality in Latin America: How Much, Since When and Why (with N. Lustig & L.F. Lopez-Calva), 2011. ECINEQ Working Paper 211.

Reports and policy briefs

Eradicating Poverty in a Post-pandemic World: How the G7 Can Act to End both the Pandemic and Global Poverty (with A. Sumner), June 2021. Essay in: Build Back Better Together: A Blueprint for a Better World. London: King’s College London.

Protecting Women’s Livelihoods in Times of Pandemic: Temporary Basic Income and the Road to Gender Equality (with M. Montoya-Aguirre & A. Santiago), March 2021. Development Future Series, UNDP Global Policy Network Brief. New York: UNDP.

Multidimensional Progress: Well-being Beyond Income (with G. Gray Molina, M.J. Abud, N. Gomez Arteaga, A. Gonzalez, J. Sagredo & J. Vasquez), June 2016. Human Development Report for Latin America and the Caribbean. New York: UNDP.

Living on the Edge in Mexico (with A. de la Fuente & C. Rodriguez-Castelan), Summer 2015. World Bank Research Digest, 9(4).

Why Did Inequality in Latin America Decline in the 2000s? (with N. Lustig & L.F. Lopez-Calva), Fall 2012. World Bank Research Digest, 7(1).